Equipment Financing for Vendors & B...

Are you a vendor trying to increase your customer base?  A business owner trying to conserve your capital?  Equipment financing might be a great option. Equipment financing options can be used to acquire products that cost from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  It’s the perfect financing option for business owners who want [...]

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Contract Employees – Get back to y...

Are you frequently tied up with the details of your business?  HR, bookkeeping, paperwork…?  Do you just want to do what you do best?  Consider using contract services to free up your time… What can you do?  Take a look at the repetitive and distracting aspects of your business that are non-revenue-producing or that aren’t one [...]

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Unsecured Business Credit – Why?

How would you like to have unsecured business credit lines available not tied to any collateral?  They can be used for just about anything, anywhere? Consider developing some unsecured business credit.  This type of cash credit has maximum flexibility in how you pay it back, how you use it, where and when.  You determine payback on anything above the minimum [...]

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401K-IRA financing for your business

Do you have 401k-IRA funds out there?  You may be able to invest or loan some of that money to your new or established business… Have you tried to get traditional bank funding for a new or existing business venture?  If your cash in the bank, collateral or credit aren’t quite high enough, your bank may not [...]

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Good Sales? Get a Business Revenue Loan!

Have you got good sales volume or overall revenues?  Is it from B2B or retail sales?  How does it reflect on your bank statements?  Depending on these answers, you may be a good candidate for Business Revenue loans. What does a Business Revenue loan look like?  How is it structured? - It is based on [...]

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To our friends, clients, colleagues and future clients, we are Arizona Business Loans, formerly  Compound Profit of Arizona.  If you came to this site from one of our previous blogs, were referred by a business owner, banker, or another source, or have one of our old business cards, do not fear.  It’s still us, we’ve just chosen to go solo and pick a new a name that makes sense.  The SEO value doesn’t hurt either.  So feel free to give us a call or connect with us through the website, social media, email, or whatever new inventive way technology will create in the next five seconds.

Alternative Financing for Businesses

Need Capital? 

We specialize in new start-ups and those who don’t qualify for traditional loans, but can work with established businesses as well.

Does Your Business Need Money For:
Inventory — Growth — Marketing — Equipment — Cash Flow

With the many types of business services and funding programs Arizona Business Loans offers, we can provide solutions for most of your business needs!  Whether you are a small business owner, a medium-sized employer, or a large company with 100’s of employees, Arizona Business Loan’s financing and other services can help you succeed in a tough and competitive market.  Why can we say this?  Because Arizona Business Loans understands your needs; we will help you identify your best business financing options and how our services can help your business survive and thrive.  Businesses with limited cash flow and a credit challenges are at a disadvantage.

Christy and Katie want to help you level the playing field, give you back the advantage, and tip the scales in your favor.  With our diverse backgrounds and as successful business owners, we’re confident you will find our services very beneficial to the long-term growth of your business.  Isn’t it nice to have the “money gals” on your side?  Whether you are in Tucson, elsewhere in Arizona, or another state, we’d like to help.  So, please complete the free consultation form or call and we will respond quickly to schedule a free preliminary assessment. Thanks!

Katie and Christy

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