About Us

unsecured business creditMission

Our Mission is to Help Arizona Businesses Get Funded.

What We Do

We locate business financing for companies that may not have access to traditional bank financing.  We work with start-ups as well as established businesses.   We partner with business bankers, local credit unions, and other professionals to give them an alternative to “No” and to help their business clients survive and thrive.

Why We’re Different

We don’t offer one option to finance your business, we have an entire portfolio of solutions. We work with business owners to look at the whole business picture by providing a free business consultation.   We want know who you are, what your goals are, and how we can help your business survive and thrive. There are no fees to apply and payment is based on success. If we can’t help your business directly, we’ll try to find identify someone who can.   Your continued success is our goal.

Who We Are

Christy Giroux

Christy Giroux PictureChristy has over 30 years of leadership and development experience in the governmental, private and public sectors, much of it within the healthcare industry.   As an Air Force Officer, she spent many years traveling the globe and the U.S., experiencing varied cultures and environments, managing budgets, and ensuring the best healthcare possible for active duty, retirees and their families.  Christy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Masters in Management.  She assists clients with understanding their finances, identifying opportunities to improve cash flow and working capital situation, lowering their operating costs, and offering one-to-one customer service and support.

Katie Powell

Katie Powell PictureKatie Powell has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Arizona and a diverse work experience in both the government and private sectors.   When she’s not hiking, laughing with her husband, running marathons for charity, or playing with her pups, she is out letting business owners know that financing does exist for local businesses!